Stuttering & Stammering

Stop Stuttering & Stammering with th ebest hypnotherapist in London

For some, stuttering goes away in childhood, for others, it persists throughout adulthood. Why is this? Researchers currently believe that stuttering is caused by a combination of factors, including genetics, language development, environment, as well as brain structure and function.

Addressing Subconscious Blocks: Some individuals may have subconscious beliefs or emotional blocks related to their stuttering. Hypnotherapy can help identify and address these underlying issues, allowing for improved speech fluency.

Fluency Strategies: Hypnotherapists can work with individuals to develop and practice specific speech techniques and strategies to enhance fluency. This may include techniques like slowed speech, easy onset, or prolonged speech.

Visualization: Visualization techniques in hypnotherapy can help individuals imagine themselves speaking fluently and confidently. These mental rehearsals can promote positive change in speech patterns.

Coping with Anxiety: Hypnotherapy can provide individuals with tools for managing anxiety and nervousness in social situations where stuttering may be more pronounced.

We should not be surprised that stuttering is more likely to be associated with raised fears. Survey research has found that the majority of PWS believe their anxiety plays an important part in their stuttering and most clinicians who treat stuttering also believe anxiety to be an important component of the problem.

Can Hypnotherapy treat stuttering?

The answer is absolutely yes. But if it's coming from birth, then hypnotherapy can only be useful for depression that causing by stuttering .Because it changes approach to symptoms. However if the problem caused by fear then hypnotherapy can be best option to choose.

How I can help you.

Before starting our session I need to clarify the trigger in our free consultation and consequently make decision related to your concern. I am not using any standard method to treat any disorder but I make it special for individual as every person has a different trigger and need unique approach. Don't hesitate to contact me via provided contact details. Please be informed that if I don't pick up the phone, then probably I am in a session with a patient. However in a first opportunity I will contact you. Your patience is valued.

The treatment fee is £250