Stop Smoking with the best hypnotherapist in London

You might have a hard time concentrating or sleeping, have strong urges to smoke, or just feel generally uncomfortable. These feelings are called withdrawal. This gets better a few weeks after quitting as your brain gets used to not having nicotine around. Some quit-smoking medicines contain nicotine.

Why is quitting smoking so difficult

Physical: Cigarettes contain an addictive chemical called nicotine, that when inhaled causes the release of another chemical called dopamine in the brain that makes you feel good. Unfortunately, after the dopamine wears off, these symptoms return which causes the smoker to crave another cigarette. Smokers also build up a tolerance and physical dependence on nicotine, meaning they have to smoke more to feel the same effect. There are seven FDA approved quit smoking medications that can help with these symptoms.  Talk to a healthcare provider to see what options might be right for you.
Mental: The act of smoking is often part of a daily routine. Smokers tend to light up at specific times of day—when drinking coffee or driving—or when they're feeling a certain way, like stressed or tired. Cigarettes can become a crutch, almost like a steady friend you can rely on. Stay on track with your quit by identifying these moments and triggers, and relearning or adjusting behaviors to stay strong during a craving.
Social: Many smokers develop social groups around smoking—people will head out for a smoke break with friends or coworkers. Smoking can also be used as a social icebreaker by asking, "Got a light?" In that same vein, relying on social groups that support a quit smoking attempt can be helpful. In a recent survey, 80 percent of smokers reported that support from others, including friends, family, significant others and coworkers is very beneficial to successfully quitting. Rather than quitting in secret, reach out to your trustworthy friends and include them in your quit.  Trust us, they'll want to support you.
Does hypnotherapy help to quit smoking?

All our habits located in subconscious mind and if we are talking about hypnotherapy then its obvious that hypnotherapy is the best option to help stop smoking. Because hypnotherapists works with subconscious mind.

Many studies  have shown that hypnotherapy is the most effective way to stop smoking. Some of their findings include:

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.
Smoking patients who participated in one hypnotherapy session were more likely to be non-smokers at 6 months compared with patients using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) alone or who quit "cold turkey.
Smoking patients undertaking Hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy plus NRT were over 3 times more likely to be non-smokers after 6 months than those using NRT alone.
How I can help you.

Before starting our session I need to clarify the trigger in our free consultation and consequently make decision related to your concern. I am not using any standard method to treat any disorder but I make it special for individual as every person has a different trigger and need unique approach. Don't hesitate to contact me via provided contact details. Please be informed that if I don't pick up the phone, then probably I am in a session with a patient. However in a first opportunity I will contact you. Your patience is valued.

The treatment fee is £300